Representing all continents WOSAAM's Board of Directors consists of the following members ::
President Thierry Hertoghe, MD (Belgium)
Honorary President Dr. Walter Pierpaoli
Vice-President USA Suzie Schuder, MD (USA)
Vice-President Europe Christophe De Jaeger, MD (France)
Vice-President Asia Deby Susanti Vinski (Indonesia)
Vice-President Central and South America Dr. Italo Rachid (Brazil)
General Secretary Marie-Christine Lhermitte (Belgium)
Treasurer Marie-Francois (Belgium)
International Scientific advisory Board ::
David MC CHAN, MD University of British Colombia (Canada)
Anoop CHATURVEDI, MD Anti-Aging Medicine And Research (India)
Claude CHAUCHARD, MD Asia Pacific advisor (Hong Kong)
Walter KING, Prof. Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mario KRAUSE, MD Medical Spa Scientific Director (Germany)
Ascanio POLIMENI, Prof. Italian Academy of Anti-aging Medicine
Deby Susanti Vinski  Indonesian Institute of Anti-aging medicine (Indonesia)
Ronald VIRAG, MD Cardiologist Surgeon
Toshikasu YOSHIKAWA, Prof. Japanese Society of Anti-aging Medicine
Stefan ZGLICZYNCKI, Prof. Polish Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Major National and International societies have already joined the World Society.




A World Health Organisation's letter for the WOSAAM


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