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By becoming a member of WOSAAM, you acknowledge and agree to the rules and objectives outlined by the organization.

The primary goal of the organization is to establish representatives or delegates throughout the different regions of the world. The role of a WOSAAM delegate involves keeping the Board of Directors or Administrative Members informed about significant developments in healthy aging medicine within their respective countries, including local events, regulatory changes, and emerging interests. Often, this responsibility involves directing individuals seeking information to the appropriate channels within WOSAAM and conveying any relevant updates via email, phone, or in-person interactions during healthy aging conferences.

This commitment is not overly time-consuming and offers a mutually beneficial arrangement where the presence of delegates from various countries enriches the World Society, while simultaneously holding a titled position in a prominent international scientific society gives credibility among patients and colleagues, and provides an opportunity to positively influence the field of healthy aging medicine on both local and global scales.

The Board of Directors at WOSAAM firmly believes that the growth and vitality of the association relies on the participation and professionalism of delegates from diverse nationalities. Moreover, the option for multiple delegates to represent each country serves to distribute the workload evenly and enhance collaboration among delegates.

Register to become a member

By agreeing to join, I consent to receive emails from the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and  Dr. Thierry Hertoghe. By providing your email address and opting to receive informative emails from Dr. Hertoghe, you acknowledge and agree to the following:


  • You consent to receiving emails containing health-related information, updates, and educational content from Dr. Hertoghe. 

  • The information provided in these emails is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

  • You understand that subscribing to these emails does not establish a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Hertoghe unless explicitly stated. 

  • You have the option to unsubscribe from these emails at any time by following the instructions provided in the email or by contacting us at or at 0032 (0) 379 34 42. 

Thank you for registering!

Membership for Individual Delegates

The WOSAAM membership is complimentary and automatically renewed on an annual basis. As a healthcare professional, being part of the WOSAAM movement holds significant importance for several reasons:

  • Contribution to the longevity movement: by becoming a member, you align yourself with a community of over 7,000 physicians committed to advancing anti-aging medicine. The Board of Directors recognizes that promoting anti-aging therapeutics through competent medical practitioners is essential for the field's progression.


  • Access to International events: WOSAAM affiliates its name with prominent scientific conferences and congresses worldwide, ensuring members stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of anti-aging medicine.


  • Expert support: WOSAAM offers invaluable support from its panel of experts to navigate complex or legal scenarios encountered in your anti-aging practice.


  • Publication Opportunities: Members have the privilege of showcasing articles, studies, or books on the WOSAAM website, providing a platform to disseminate research and insights to a broader audience.

In summary, WOSAAM membership offers health professionals an array of benefits, ranging from professional networking opportunities to access to cutting-edge research and expert support, all essential components for advancing in the field of anti-aging medicine.

Membership for Scientific Societies

The WOSAAM membership is complimentary and automatically renewed on an annual basis so that scientific societies can contribute to the advancement of the global healthy aging medicine movement. Currently, the WOSAAM claims a robust and expanding international membership base of nearly 7,000 practitioners worldwide.

The primary objective of the WOSAAM is to develop healthy aging medicine, both externally and internally, by uniting professionals across various domains, including Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery, as well as Preventive, Longevity, and MediSpa Medicine. By affiliating your society with WOSAAM, you will gain visibility on the WOSAAM website, and your society will be recognized as a partner in events organized or endorsed by the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.

In exchange, affiliated societies are encouraged to display a link to the WOSAAM website, along with the WOSAAM logo on their websites. Additionally, your society retains the autonomy to elect or appoint its President or any designated representative to serve on the scientific committee of events organized or overseen by the WOSAAM, fostering collaboration and mutual enrichment within the anti-aging medicine community.​

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