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Longevity & Nutritional Books

Discover here a non-exhaustive list of longevity & nutritional books. If you have a book on longevity or nutrition that you would like to feature, kindly send an email with a brief description to

By medical doctors

photo Thierry Hertoghe

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

ron Rothenberg

Dr. Ron Rothenberg

Photo Christophe De Jaeger

Dr. Christophe De Jaeger

Dominique Rueff.webp

Dr. Dominique Rueff

Photo Walter Pierpaoli

Dr. Walter Pierpaoli

Dr. Servan-Schreiber

Dr. Servan-Schreiber

Uzzi Reiss

Dr. Uzzi Reiss

Jonathan Wright

Dr. Jonathan Wright

By non-doctors


Suzanne Somers

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