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Board of Directors

Photo Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

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MD specialized in hormone, reversing aging and nutritional therapies

Photo Dr. Serge Ginter

Dr. Serge Ginter

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Photo Therese Hertoghe

Dr. Thérèse Hertoghe
General Secretary 

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MD specialized in hormone, reversing aging and nutritional therapies

International Scientific Advisory Board

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors or the Scientific Advisory Board, please reach out to us at We welcome passionate individuals who share our commitment to advancing longevity medicine.

Photo Dr Ascanio Polimeni

Dr. Ascanio POLIMENI

Prof. Italian Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (Italy)

Dr. Polimeni is a distinguished Italian physician and nutritionist, renowned for his expertise in clinical nutrition and preventive medicine. With a degree in medicine and advanced qualifications in nutrition and preventive medicine, he is widely sought after for his expertise and advice in the Italian media. Dr. Polimeni is an accomplished author, with numerous books on nutrition and health to his credit. His research and writings play a significant role in raising public awareness about the crucial role of a balanced diet in promoting overall health and well-being. 

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Dominique Rueff.webp

Dr. Dominique RUEFF

General practitioner, homeopath (France)

Dr. Rueff is a general practitioner, homeopath, and educator, dedicated to the practice of "Anti-aging" and integrative medicine. He serves as the Founding President of the Association for the Development of Orthomolecular Nutrition (ADNO). Additionally, he holds the position of Founding President of the CHRONIMED group, under the esteemed leadership of Professor Luc Montagnier, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1988. In this capacity, Dr. Rueff is engaged in research exploring the infectious origins of various chronic diseases, contributing to advancements in our understanding and treatment of these conditions.

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Photo Ronald Virag

Dr. Ronald VIRAG

MD, Cardiologist Surgeon (France)

Dr. Ronald Virag is a distinguished physician and cardiovascular surgeon renowned for his expertise in sexual dysfunctions. Widely acclaimed for his groundbreaking discovery of the effect of Viagra, his research has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Dr. Virag is a recognized authority in the field of male sexual dysfunction, having authored numerous scientific articles on the subject. His pioneering contributions have not only advanced medical practice but have also profoundly improved the quality of life for numerous patients worldwide.

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