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WOSAAM Examinations

WOSAAM currently represents over 7,000 physicians from 120 countries specializing in longevity medicine, including preventive, longevity, well-aging, and aesthetic medicine. To expand knowledge and provide physicians with appropriate scientific qualifications, the WOSAAM offers two esteemed Board Certifications: one in Longevity & Quality of Life Medicine, and another in Nutritional Medicine. Additionally, WOSAAM provides an Essential Longevity & Quality of Life training program, and, an Evidence-based Nutritional Medicine Therapy postgraduate program

Your position as a WOSAAM-certified physician will enhance your status in the eyes of your patients and colleagues with a titled position in a major international scientific society. The examinations are online and can be taken at your convenience. They are open to all healthcare professionals from various disciplines (e.g., nutritionists, naturopaths), but if you have any questions, you are encouraged to reach out to us at or at 00352 621 204 289. 

To date, we are proud to have 530+ certified healthcare professionals from 53 countries across all five continents. Join this remarkable movement by taking one of our exams and becoming a part of our global community!

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