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Board Certification in Nutritional Medicine

This board certificate validates a physician’s or other health professional’s knowledge and skills in Nutritional Medicine.

Watch this brief video of Dr. Thierry Hertoghe presenting the Board Certification in Nutritional Medicine and explaining what you will learn: 

Here is why you, as a physician, should consider obtaining this certification:

  • Gain excellent advanced on nutritional therapies, including many sections on how to relieve or cure diseases with nutritional therapies enriched with pictures of physical signs of nutritional deficiencies.

  • Enhance your knowledge and skills in nutritional therapies through a comprehensive learning book with extensive scientific references.

  • Obtain an official certification for your medical expertise in Nutritional Medicine, recognized by the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) and its president, Dr. Thierry Hertoghe.

  • Experience personal satisfaction and professional fulfillment by mastering basic and advanced skills in Nutritional Medicine.

  • Join a global community of over 7,000 physicians of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.


The fee for the Board Certification in Nutritional Medicine is €1,900, which consists of:

  • Learning material: The Nutrient Therapy Textbook + USB key: €400

  • Examination fee: €1,500 to take the exam (In case of failure: €500 to retake the exam)


To pursue this certification, ensure you meet the following essential conditions:

  • Register online here

  • Submit payment of €1,900 for the examination fee and The Textbook of Nutritional Medicine. 

  • Provide documentation of your University medical doctor’s license/diploma or registration in the medical board to Other health professionals may take the exam upon approval from the educational board.

  • Achieve a score of 60% or more to pass the exam successfully


The final exam consists of a question-and-answer format, which can be completed online at your convenience. 

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