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Dr. Dominique Rueff's Books

Vitamine-C  cover

Vitamine C, pour tous et pour la vie (French book) 

Dominique Rueff's "Vitamin C, pour tous et pour la vie" is a book dedicated to exploring the many health benefits of vitamin C. The author examines in detail the multiple functions of vitamin C in the human body, its role in strengthening the immune system, its antioxidant action, as well as its effects on skin, joint, and cardiovascular health. The book also offers practical advice on how to optimize vitamin C intake through diet and supplements. It is a valuable resource for those wishing to understand and harness the many benefits of vitamin C for long-term optimal health.

immuno minceur maigrir cover

Immuno Minceur (French book)

"Immuno minceur, maigrir selon ses intolérances alimentaires et le contrôle de sa glycémie" by Dominique Rueff is a guide that explores the link between food intolerances, blood sugar levels and weight loss. The author examines how certain food intolerances and blood sugar fluctuations can influence metabolism and the ability to lose weight. The book offers strategies for identifying and managing food intolerances, as well as advice on how to stabilize blood sugar levels through diet. It also offers recommendations for adopting a balanced diet tailored to individual needs to promote healthy, sustainable weight loss. It is a useful resource for those seeking to lose weight while taking into account their intolerances and blood sugar levels. 

immuno nutriton cover

L'immuno- nutrition, se nourrir selon son immunité (French book)

Dominique Rueff's "L'immuno-nutrition, se nourrir selon son immunité" is a practical guide that explores the link between food and the immune system. The author examines how food choices can influence immune health, and suggests strategies for strengthening and supporting the immune system through diet. The book offers advice on which foods to choose to boost immunity, and which to avoid. It also provides information on dietary supplements and lifestyle habits that can help maintain optimal immunity. It is a valuable resource for those wishing to boost their immune system through a balanced diet tailored to their individual needs.

la bible anti-âge cover

La Bible anti-âge (French book)

Dominique Rueff's "The Anti-Aging Bible" is a comprehensive work that explores the various ways of slowing down the aging process. It covers topics such as nutrition, exercise, skin care, stress management and relaxation techniques, as well as the use of dietary supplements and anti-aging treatments. The book offers practical advice and strategies for maintaining a youthful appearance and optimal health at any age.

La bible des vitamines cover

La bible des vitamines et des compléments nutritionnels (French book)

Dominique Rueff's "The Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements Bible" is a comprehensive guide that explores the various vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements, and their impact on health. It provides detailed information on the benefits, recommended doses, and natural sources of each nutrient, while warning of the possible risks of overdosing. It is a valuable resource for those wishing to optimize their health through a balanced diet and supplements.

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