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Dr. Uzzi Reiss's Books

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How to make a pregnant woman happy (English book)


Life just got easier for everyone expecting. Every chapter of this guidebook is brimming with advice and helpful tips to solve pregnancy's most common problems from ginger to easing morning sickness, a warm bath to reducing water retention, or a turkey sandwich to relieve insomnia. ​As well, the book possesses appendices which explain the stages of the baby's development, foods and activities to avoid during pregnancy, and a glossary of terms. ​Plus, with good humor and wise counsel, Dr. Reiss provides pointers on how to be the best partner possible. With this handy guide, readers can help a pregnant women sail through her pregnancy and how to keep her very, very happy.

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The Natural Superwoman (English book)


Dr. Reiss dispels the myths about hormone replacement therapy with scientific evidence explaining the incredible benefits of bioidentical hormones. He illustrates how nutrition, mental and physical activity, and ideal mood balance can work hand-in-hand with hormones to prepare women for the challenges she faces every day and enhance her overall health. The Natural Superwoman explains:

  • What specific hormones can enhance energy, sexuality, and memory; heal dry skin treat sleep disorders; alleviate anxiety and depression and eliminate night sweats;

  • Why women should take magnesium instead of calcium to guard against osteoporosis;

  • How simple diet tweaks that help with weight loss can also promote sound sleep, bone health, cardiovascular benefits, and more;

  • Why women may wish to reconsider their current form of birth control

How to make a woman happy.webp

How to make a new mother happy (English book)

Everyone knows plenty about what to expect when expecting, but what happens after the baby is born? Enter How to Make a New Mother Happy, an effective, natural approach to postpartum health. From magnesium to ease postpartum cramping to mineral water to aid in milk production, it’s all here in this easy-to-navigate book. Dr. Uzzi Reiss and his daughter, Yfat M. Reiss, deliver hundreds of helpful tips on common issues such as breastfeeding, postpartum depression, and hormonal changes. Simply identify the problem and dip in to find the answer. Armed with this handy guide, it’s a breeze to help a new mother through her recovery — and keep her happy and healthy.

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