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The Essential Longevity and Quality of Life Training Program

Essential Longevity and Quality of Life Training Program is a key educational training program in longevity and quality of life medicine. It provides useful information to help physicians safely start and efficiently advance in the administration of the most frequently applied longevity and quality-of-life medical therapies.

Watch this brief video of Dr. Thierry Hertoghe presenting the Essential Longevity and Quality of Life Training Program and explaining what you will learn:

Here is why you, as a physician, should consider obtaining this certification:

  • Acquire the essential scientific information and practical know-how in longevity and quality-of-life medical therapies.

  • Follow lessons on major hormone therapies (thyroid, female hormones, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, growth hormone…), senescence, genetic typing tests, how to improve the diet, sexuality, nutritional tests and supplementation, stem cell therapies, nutritional therapies, etc

  • Obtain an official certification for your medical expertise in Nutritional Medicine, recognized by the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) and its president, Dr. Thierry Hertoghe.

  • Experience personal satisfaction and professional fulfillment by mastering basic and advanced skills in Nutritional Medicine.

  • Join a global community of over 7,000 physicians of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.


The fee for the Essential Longevity and Quality of Life Training program is €5,000 which consists of:

  • Learning material: 20 online video courses

  • Examination fee


To pursue this certification, ensure you meet the following essential conditions:

  • Register online here

  • Submit payment of €5,000 for online courses and the examination fee. 

  • Provide documentation of your University medical doctor’s license/diploma or registration in the medical board to

  • Achieve a score of 60% or more to pass the exam successfully


The final exam consists of a question-and-answer format, which can be completed online at your convenience. 

The primary goal of the organization is to establish representatives or delegates throughout the different regions of the world.

The role of a WOSAAM delegate involves keeping the Board of Directors or Administrative Members informed about significant developments in healthy aging medicine within their respective countries, including local events, regulatory changes, and emerging interests. Often, this responsibility involves directing individuals seeking information to the appropriate channels within WOSAAM and conveying any relevant updates via email, phone, or in-person interactions during healthy aging conferences.

This commitment is not overly time-consuming and offers a mutually beneficial arrangement where the presence of delegates from various countries enriches the World Society, while simultaneously holding a titled position in a prominent international scientific society gives credibility among patients and colleagues, and provides an opportunity to positively influence the field of healthy aging medicine on both local and global scales.

The Board of Directors at WOSAAM firmly believes that the growth and vitality of the association relies on the participation and professionalism of delegates from diverse nationalities. Moreover, the option for multiple delegates to represent each country serves to distribute the workload evenly and enhance collaboration among delegates.

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