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Dr. Thierry Hertoghe's Books

Reversing Physical Aging Cover

Reversing Physical Aging - Head & Senses (English book)


In this complete medical textbook “Reversing Physical Aging”, discover how to reset or reduce all aspects of physical aging of the head – hair, face – and the 5 senses –vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. This practical guide is full of ready-to-use information for medical therapies that reverse each physical aging signs and assesses the efficiency of each treatment. “Reversing physical aging” is the best way to make your patients healthier.

The hormone handbook cover

The Hormone Handbook (English book)


Explore the renowned international bestseller offering essential insights into practical hormone therapy for medical professionals—a vital resource for specialists and healthcare practitioners alike. Delving into 18 pivotal hormone therapies, this book provides comprehensive reviews, backed by extensive scientific references. Its detailed exploration encompasses the application of hormone therapies across mind, body, disease management, and lifespan considerations, addressing key controversies in the field. Elevate your expertise and decision-making prowess in hormone therapy with this indispensable guide

The Atlas cover

The Atlas of Endocrinology (English book)  

Inside the Atlas of Endocrinology for Hormone Therapy book, the reader will find next to approximately 530 pictures of patients with physical endocrine signs, often not shown in the traditional Atlas of Endocrinology, schematic overviews of the many physical signs of deficiencies and excesses, illustrated with drawings of body shadows that make it all more comprehensible. Enclosed are also lists of typical complaints a patient may present when affected by a hormone deficiency or excess.


This atlas book is unique: it also shows lists of scientific references supporting the association between signs and symptoms and their corresponding hormone deficiencies and excesses.

The Patient Hormone Handbook cover

The Patient Hormone and Nutrient Handbook (English book)


A shortened version of The Hormone Handbook addressed to patients and physicians, with much of the same practical information, but on the 10 most important hormone therapies. The book also includes the Nutrient Handbook, featuring charts of the most important nutrients and a useful index of complaints related to hormone and nutrient deficiencies. This general public version does not contain any list of scientific references. Useful for both patients and physicians willing to discover the best methods and products to treat hormone and nutrient deficiencies.

The Lifespan and Anti-Aging Medicine Textbook cover

Textbook of Lifespan and Anti-Aging Medicine (English book)

An extensively referenced textbook on lifespan and anti-aging medical therapies that introduces basic theoretical information on senescence and biological age measurement, alongside practical information on how to improve health and well-being and delay or minimize disease and aging through each type of therapy. The "Textbook of Lifespan and Anti-aging Medicine" is the essential study material for physicians to take the examination for the board certification in Longevity and Quality of Life Medicine.

The Nutrient Therapy textbook cover

Textbook of Nutrient Therapy (English book)

Possibly the most practical textbook on nutritional therapies. Heavily referenced textbook on nutritional therapies with basic information on nutrients and the practical application of nutrient therapy for the most important diseases (contains tables comparing doses and stages of disease at which each nutrient helps). The "Textbook of Nutrient Therapy" is the basic study material essential for physicians to pass the examination for the board certification in nutritional medicine.

Testosterone Therapy cover

Testosterone, The Therapy for Real Gentlemen (English book)


This medical handbook is entirely dedicated to testosterone therapy and has been designed to increase physician’s skills in testosterone treatment. Did you know that testosterone is one of the most valuable medical treatments in medicine? Adequate testosterone levels are critically important for men to keep high energy levels, a good mood, sharp mental capacities, and, thus, stable professional performance. Testosterone also keeps men’s hearts and arteries working well, their muscles toned and the firm maintains low-fat storage, and is indispensable for reproduction, sexual pleasure, and performance.

Growth Hormone Treatment cover

Growth Hormone Treatment for Adults (English book)


Discover the practical information on growth hormone treatment for adults, covering benefits, safety, signs and symptoms of deficiency, lab tests, natural boosters, and how to solve treatment issues. Its updated scientific evidence is substantial, also showing scientifically why patients with low-normal levels of growth hormone activity should be treated. Growth hormone is the key to powerful adult life—to unleashing leadership, performance, confidence, inner peace, and brilliant insights.

Passion, Sex and Long Life cover

Passion, Sex and Long Life (English book and e-book)

This general public book focuses on possibly one of the most important hormones for humans. Discover why many people might need to be supplemented with oxytocin, a hormone not only related to orgasms but also to tender love, attachment, friendliness, passion, and many more matters. All aspects of detection and treatment of oxytocin deficiency are explained in the book alongside abundant scientific literature supporting this information. An ebook version is also available. 

The Hormone Solution cover

The Hormone Solution (English book)


A book for the general public introducing 15 hormone therapies and their efficacy to prevent, delay, and partially reverse aging. It contains all the information necessary to gain insight into what hormone therapies can and cannot do to slow down or reverse aging. Useful for both patients and physicians willing to find the best hormone therapies to treat age-related diseases and complaints.

Thyroide ENG cover

Chronic Benign Hypothyroidism or Mild Myxedema (English, French & German Ebook)

Dr. Eugene Hertoghe's groundbreaking book on the management of mild thyroid deficiency, titled "Mild Myxedema," is a revelation. It delves into the prevalence of thyroid deficiency and provides insight into recognizing it through the myriad complaints and physical signs characteristic of the condition. Through the life stories of numerous patients, the book highlights the ongoing suffering endured daily due to lack of recognition or treatment by healthcare providers. Eugene Hertoghe stands out as one of the earliest physicians to prescribe hormone therapies to patients. Indeed, the first hormone therapy ever administered to patients consisted of thyroid extracts, a pioneering approach that laid the foundation for modern hormone therapy practices.

Le Régime Hormone Cover

Le Régime Hormone (French book)


"Le Régime Hormone" is a program that aims to rebalance hormones by focusing on what we eat. This diet not only helps achieve an ideal weight while providing energy to the body but also offers better protection against age-related diseases, including cancer, and possibly a longer life. In this book, you will find 100 original recipes from breakfast to dinner, 24 tests to accurately define your hormonal profile, illustrations to help identify physical signs of deficiency, and images of international personalities who have had clear hormone deficiencies like Lady Di, Evita Peron, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Mao, Churchill, and others.

Comment rester jeune cover

Comment Rester Jeune plus Longtemps (French book)

Only available in French, this bestseller for the general public book explains in detail the role of hormones in your organism. Learn how hormone therapy associated with a healthy lifestyle and the intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements can help you not only to gain years of life but also to prevent and cure age-related diseases. Useful for everyone wishing to:

  • learn about safe hormone therapies.

  • discover new applications of the use of hormone therapies in practice

Jong en gezond oud worden cover

Jong en gezond oud worden (Dutch book)


Feeling permanently young and healthy, even as you age one day, is probably everyone's dream. A dream that will soon be within everyone's reach! In their book, Dr. Hertoghe and Dr. Nabet describe the positive effects of hormones - in the form of natural products - for our organism. Combined with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, hormone therapy can not only prolong life, but also prevent and cure diseases of old age.

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